About Supernutri

Supernutri is a one stop nutrition fuel station for your body and soul founded in 2015.

We want to bring in the most efficient, simple and easy way to inject your daily life with healthy nutrition in every aspect. With that being said we mean not just foods but introduce our nutrition and wellness system to you from inside to outside. We want to prepare your body for a long-term fight against harmful chemicals which will cause inflammation to the body.


Allergy has always been a number one problem when it comes down to product selection. The symptoms you see on your body is easy to fix. Those occurs inside the body which happens on your organs are hardly noticeable. When you are feeling unwell and exhaustion happens all the time, it is the symptom your body is sending you a red flag. It will create extra stress to the body for it to work overtime to settle it. When your body is constantly fighting against the harmful irritant, it will speed up the aging process which is what we try to avoid at all times. Intake good substance will ease up the whole atmosphere of your flesh which will make you happier, more relaxed and relieved from stress overall.